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how-to-beef-up-your-credit-score-blog  03 06 2016

When I attended a small, private college years ago, it was common then to prefer a more intimate environment for higher education, a place where students would be more than “just a number.” Funny to think about that now, when so much of my identity is determined by a random cluster of numerals, whether it’s my Social Security number, my employee number or even my credit card number.

When you’re looking to buy a house, you’ll have to divulge a whole slew of numbers: your bank account, your annual salary, your driver’s license, etc. But the one number lenders will zero in on most is your three-digit FICO score, a number that represents your creditworthiness and is based on the information contained in your credit reports. FICO scores range from 300 to 850 and it’s no secret that people with scores of 720 and above get the best mortgage rates and terms.


If a poor score stands between you and a great mortgage, we can help. Our How to Beef Up Your Credit Rating outlines 8 easy tips to help you fix your FICO number and move you closer to the home of your dreams. You’ll discover:

  • The single best way to improve your rating
  • Exactly how your FICO score is calculated
  • Why canceling old credit cards is a bad idea.

Download How to Beef Up Your Credit Rating now.



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