7 Quick and Easy Home Tips to Read Before You Begin Spring Cleaning

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Before you break out your bucket, mop and gloves take a look at these 7 tips.

Guest Post by Andrea Davis

If you’re like many homeowners, you probably have a spring-cleaning routine. But wouldn’t it be nice to streamline your routine with a few quick-and-easy cleaning tips? Use these seven cleaning hacks to speed up your spring cleaning.

1. Refresh your fabrics.

Strip and wash all of your bedding, including your pillows. If you have foam pillows, avoid washing them. Instead, replace your foam pillows every six months to ensure your bedding is properly cleaned. Also, make sure to wash or dry-clean your draperies.

2. Beat your area rugs.

Over time, rugs collect disgusting amounts of dirt. Take all of your area rugs outside for an old-fashioned beating. If possible, hang them over a railing or clothesline to air them out.

3. Scrub your bathroom.

Wash your bath mats, shower curtains and curtain liners using color-safe bleach. Next, pay some attention to your bathtub. Scrub your tub with a sponge or brush to get rid of any grease or mineral buildup.

4. Organize your home.

Getting rid of clutter is the fastest way to give your home an organized look. Take note of the unnecessary items in each room of your home and throw them out. If you need help with cutting clutter, consider hiring a home organizer.

5. Spruce up your kitchen.

Begin with your refrigerator. Get rid of rotten or expired food and wash the inside of your fridge thoroughly. A deep clean will eliminate odors and have your refrigerator looking fresh. Next, focus on the rest of your kitchen. Wipe down your counters, sinks, cooktops and cabinet doors. Don’t forget to check your spice cabinet for expired goods. If cleaning your kitchen seems overwhelming, call a cleaning service

6. Deep vacuum your carpets.

Spring is the perfect time to clean your carpets. Use vacuum extensions to get into small spaces. If your vacuum can’t reach certain debris, have your carpets professionally cleaned. A professional carpet cleaning will cost about $175.

7. Clean your closets.

Take the time to empty your linen closet, pantry, coat closet and any other additional storage spaces. Remove the first few rows of items and look for outdated and unwanted possessions. You can also use the four-box method (put away, give away, sell, store) to get rid of unnecessary items.

For a fresh-and-clean look in your home, set aside a few hours for some quick housekeeping. Then, sit back and enjoy the results of your efforts!

Andrea Davis is the editor at HomeAdvisor, which connects homeowners with home improvement professionals in their area for free. Connect with Andrea on Google+

Lindsay is the Senior Manager of Media Engagement for Coldwell Banker Real Estate and is a licensed real estate agent. She was born and raised in New Jersey and just bought her first home in Livingston, where she grew up. When Lindsay isn’t busy facebooking, tweeting or instagramming she is enjoying life with her husband Joe and cat Rory. She enjoys binging on Netflix, cooking and Zumba.

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