Give Your Frontyard a Makeover with These 5 Ideas

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Great updates that will transform your front yard into an attractive and welcoming exterior.

Guest Post by Andrea Davis

Your front yard makes a key first impression. Here are a few updates that will transform even an overgrown front yard into an attractive and welcoming exterior.

1. Plant flowers and trees

Flowers are the quickest way to transform the appearance of your front yard. Try planting greenery along your walkway or around the outside of your house. You can also add a few pots of colorful blooms or hanging planters to your porch for a colorful alternative. Trees are another way to boost your curb appeal. Be sure to select trees that thrive in your local climate.

2. Grab the trimmers

Trees, shrubs and plants make a front yard look beautiful. But, it’s easy to let decorative greenery get out of hand. Invest in trimming shears and a good set of clippers to keep overgrown shrubs in control. Cut off any branches that are too close to your home or encroaching on the yard next door. Maintain your hedges regularly to keep them at a nice height and trim any overgrown vines.

3. Ditch your lawn

There’s no doubt that a neatly manicured lawn adds to your front yard’s visual appeal. But, flawless yards also require lots of maintenance. Save time and money by replacing your grass with a mix of low-growing plants. These easy-to-grow alternatives will need less water, less mowing and less fertilizer than a traditional lawn.

4. Get edgy

Create a defined edge between your garden beds and lawn or driveway. If you’re edging a small area, you can grab a trowel and do the work by hand. For larger jobs, it’s worthwhile to invest in an edger. Look for an edger-weed-whacker combination to double up on usefulness.

5. Add a pop of color

Even the most stunning landscaping won’t hide a home’s dreary exterior. Update the look of your home with a fresh coat of paint. If you’re not ready to change your home’s color, start small. Paint your front door a vibrant hue to update the appearance of your entire house. Or, rent a power washer and remove any grime or buildup to let your home’s true color shine through.


A drab or neglected front yard doesn’t need a total overhaul to improve its appearance. With these makeover ideas, you can boost your curb appeal and create an exterior that reflects your home’s true personality.


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