11 photos that explain why Sumner, Washington is pure Americana

 Sumner is a small town just outside of Tacoma, Washington that is often overlooked, but is a closely held secret by those in the know. Sumner is pure Main Street U.S.A., but not in a contrived Disneyland way. Rather than a replica of a town from decades gone by, it’s more like those decades had a meeting and voted not to touch Sumner. If you’re visiting the Pacific Northwest, that makes it an ideal and idyllic place to put on the brakes, slow your roll and enjoy some nostalgic down time.

If you do, you’ll notice…

Sumner is pretty much the epitome of Americana.

And nothing goes with Americana like rhubarb pie, for which Sumner is the world capital.

They are deadly-serious about their rhubarb pie.


I’m not kidding about the pie. There’s a festival and everything.



But if there’s anything that can bring out the locals faster than rhubarb, it’d have to be classic cars.



Or concerts and movies throughout the summer in a downtown park, because these things still exist here.


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