Is Your Home Ready For Winter?


Maybe it’s me but it seems like only yesterday I was tackling my annual spring cleaning chores. Now, suddenly, it’s time to prep the house for winter. How is that possible? Where did summer go?

My winterizing routine often goes no farther than remembering to put those Styrofoam caps back on the outdoor faucets. This year, however, I’ve already had my gutters cleaned, my roof swept and my furnace checked. Oh, and I bought a cover for the A/C unit in the back yard. So I’m feeling pretty smug about my level of preparedness, though I know I should be doing more. A lot more.


It wouldn’t hurt to take up a caulking gun and apply it to a couple spots around my front and back doors. Adding foam insulators behind the outlet covers on exterior walls to cut down drafts there would be a big help. And calling my local utility to set up an energy audit would be a good idea too. But I’ll probably just read a good book this weekend and worry about all the rest next week.

So, what do you need to get done before the cold, wind and rain are upon us? Stumped? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out our fun and functional infographic checklist of 26 tips for inside and outside your home to help keep it warmer, cozier and cheaper to operate this winter.

Download Is Your Home Ready for Winter? now.


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