When It Comes to Bigger Projects, Are You a Home Maintenance Pro?

It doesn’t matter whether you bought that to-die-for bungalow that needed just a little TLC or you opted for a brand-new home in the ‘burbs – sooner or later something in your house is going to burn out, fall apart or start leaking. Maybe all three. At the same time.

If we had to take a basic-home-repair test to become a homeowner it’s likely more of us would still be renting. Having a few fix-it skills under our tool belts comes in handy for minor maintenance like changing the smoke alarm batteries or replacing the furnace filter. But what about something bigger, like installing a ceiling fan or stopping a drippy faucet?


You don’t have to be related to Bob Vila to own a house but it doesn’t hurt to know your way around a hacksaw (or, when all else fails, the number of a good handyperson).

What’s Your Handyman IQ? Take our fun quiz to see if you’ve got home repair and other odd jobs nailed.

  • Find out if you know how to paint like a pro
  • Discover the secret to quiet noisy wood floors
  • Learn who not to call to fix your broken window

Take the What’s Your Handyman IQ? quiz now and test your jack-of-all-trades ability.



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