What To Do With Kitty Litter When Selling Your Home

Kitty litter boxes are ugly, distract from the beauty of your home, and they cast a bad juju feeling throughout the whole house. Not a good idea when you’re eager for a great sale at top dollar. But, what do we do?

We can’t just get rid of the kitty litter box. Not as long as Ms. Kitty continues to reside in the home.

Two Negative Assaults to the Senses

With a kitty litter box we’re dealing with two potential negative assaults to the senses – visual and smell. The smell is easily resolved by daily cleaning; perhaps even fresh litter each day. But the visual is something else. How do we keep the kitty litter box out-of-sight yet still convenient to Ms. Kitty (‘cause you know the accidents that can happen if it isn’t convenient)?

Awesome Solution

Here’s a clever idea from Ann, one of my sellers. She has been using this trick for years. She purchased a large rattan trunk (may be found at an import store). It is approximately 3’x2’x2’. Big enough to situate a litter box and foot-wiping towel to catch most of the litter from Ms. Kitty’s feet before she steps back onto your clean carpet or hardwoods.Kitty Litter Solution

And cut a hole in the back of the trunk large enough for Ms. Kitty to feel comfortable entering or exiting. Then she placed the trunk at the end of the hallway, up against the wall (leaving room for Ms. Kitty to access). It just looked like an attractive accessory to her home. If you didn’t see Ms. Kitty you’d have no idea that a cat lived here.

Great offer for top dollar… here we come!




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