Who Cares if a Real Estate Brand is Influential on Social Media? One real estate brand knows more about engaging buyers on social than anyone else.


To answer the question above, no one cares…until you’re selling your home and you realize your agent works with a company who has no social prowess. “Oh, but that doesn’t really matter”, you say. You’re right, it doesn’t ­­– until you realize your agent has no idea how to promote your home for sale on Facebook.

“But a real estate brand like Coldwell Banker isn’t really helping me promote that my home is for sale, right?” Actually, we are. Not only do we promote a feature home every week in our Home of the Week video series, but we’re also showcasing selections from our amazing roster of listings on Instagram, Pinterest, and through social advertising across Facebook and Twitter. We’re educating our real estate agents and companies across the globe on how to use social ads in their local markets, to mirror the success the brand has found in promoting videos of homes on Facebook for less than a penny in terms of cost per view. Yes, less than a penny. The only way we could do better is if Mark Zuckerberg starts paying us to run ads.

You shouldn’t care if the real estate agent you’re using to sell your home isn’t with a real estate brand that knows what they’re doing on social media – unless you care about promoting your home to more people, through targeted advertising, that can reach a qualified audience and increase the share-ability and marketing exposure of your property.

But your agent probably has some great marketing tricks up his or her sleeve… like baking cookies for an open house.

To find a real estate agent that works with the most influential real estate brand on social, visit coldwellbanker.com.

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