5 Ways To Make A House A Home

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What really makes a house a home? Is it the people and the pets inside that you can’t wait to see every day? Is it your personal style of color splashed on the walls and comfortable furniture throughout every room? It’s usually a little of both, and if your living space is bare and generic, it can feel cold and unwelcoming.

A place to live and a real home aren’t always the same thing. Maybe you find yourself between homes in an apartment, or you’re renting until you’re ready to commit to another location? Whatever the reason, when it comes to settling in, it’s easy to procrastinate. You don’t put too much thought into your décor and you continue using the same mismatched furniture you’ve had for years. What’s the point? You won’t be there very long anyway.


But before you know it, months and even years have gone by, and you’re still in the same place! Don’t neglect your abode any longer: Do yourself a favor and create a comfortable living space with decor you love. Even if it’s small, you can make it your own.

One Step At A Time

Is your coffee table from college? Maybe it’s time to toss your recliner that’s falling apart? Start by updating one item, preferably in a style you’d like to use throughout your room or living space.

Small Rooms Need Love Too

Don’t put off new décor for a room just because it’s small! There are always options that will work in your current space and can transition to a larger space once you upgrade to your dream property. Behold, these amazing extending and multifunctional dining tables.

Treat Your Windows

When you’re renting, there are usually generic blinds on your windows. A quick way to liven up a space is to add window treatments, especially with a pop of color or a trendy pattern. Check with property management, and as long as you’re given the go, hang your favorite curtains!

Paint Away

If you’re currently renting, you may not be allowed to paint your entire place. But sometimes, if you’re willing to repaint later, you can add some color on a wall or two. Choose a vibrant shade to tie in your distinct furniture and décor.

Unpack Your Favorite Keepsakes

You probably have a box or two of things that mean a lot to you, but you never unpacked them because you “weren’t going to stay for very long”. It’s time to bring those pieces out, dust them off and display them! After all, these are the things that make you who you are.

Once you make your space an expression of who you are, you will genuinely love coming home, and even if you’re planning on moving elsewhere in the not-so-distant future, you’ll feel better in the meantime. You’ll be so excited about your place, you’ll want to invite your family and friends over! And that’s truly what makes a house feel like home.



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