10 Decluttering Projects You Can Do in 15 Minutes or Less

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Webado Webada

On Facebook you can “rate this translation”. No idea if anybody or anything takes that feedback and des anything with it.

   May 7, 2017 at 10:08PM


Home office had become a dumping ground for anything and everything for my family to a lot the things for me “to deal with” and organizing was becoming a loosing battle for me until one day I decided to just fold a few sheets on paper to use as temporary sorting files and labeled them: “To File”, “To Shred”, “(Kid 1) – Schoolwork”, “(Kid 2) – Schoolwork”, and “To Do” and grabbed two grocery bags: One for Recycling and one for Garbage, and a small tub for other unrelated “stuff” that had been piled on my desk. 15 minutes and all my papers and “stuff” that had accumulated was sorted. I disposed of the garbage and recycling, took a few minutes to shred everything in the shred pile, and busied about putting away the “stuff”. The kids’ folders were placed in the desk drawer temporarily for later reference.

Then I bought a package of “Notepad Folders” from Staples – it’s a stack of folders that essentially look like lined paper (sticky notes on a plain free would work too but imagine my children would rearrange them or just peel them off). One of the folders I labeled “To Do” and on the outside, I listed in pencil each paper that had a need attached to it (such as a phone call, online registration, or item to be mailed) adding a star and date to the items which were time-sensitive; as each is complete, I remove the paper (to file or recycle/shred) and erase the note on the front of the folder; the order of the list and the order of the papers inside is irrelevant, which makes it fast. Some of those items were simply things I wanted to look into more – like a pamphlet that came in the mail for a home reno product/service that we were considering in the near future). Now that is the only folder that ever sits out on my desk. I transferred the kids’ schoolwork to these such folders as well to help keep track of what they had going on in their classes with homework and spelling words, etc. So simple and quick and yet this mass pile of clutter just stared me in the face for months!!!

3 Likes    May 29, 2017 at 9:24PM

Webado Webada

You’re good, CMG. I’d have dumped all of it in a box and stuffed it inside a closet to look into later. Maybe I’d put a date on the box. And so junk accumulates, clutter procreates. *sigh*

1 Like    May 29, 2017 at 9:33PM

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