Father’s Day Gifts He’ll Love

Jun 11, 2014

Dad did a lot. Maybe he taught you how to throw a ball, or how to slow dance. Maybe he cheered louder than anyone else at the game or the school play when you were a kid. He showed you how to work the lawn mower, and how to handle all those other cool tools. He reminded you that you deserved better when your heart was broken (and he was a fierce protector when the next date came along).

When it comes to the perfect Father’s Day gift, you might feel a little stumped: What do you get the guy who claims he already has everything he needs? Believe it or not, even if he says he doesn’t need anything, a little something special is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Flashy Necessities – For the Dad who’s busy and always on the go, consider a quality travel grooming kit from Tweezerman G.E.A.R., or a full-piece shaving kit. Stylish sunglasses are also a great option.
  2. Practical GadgetsTools, car maintenance accessories… when it comes to Dads, these are just other words for ‘toys’. Consider an entire kit for the garage, or a wash bucket full of car goodies (then offer to wash and wax together).
  3. The Keepsake – Younger and older kids alike can create photo collages or artwork showing their appreciation. Online options like Shutterfly are inexpensive and fun, and with a little help, even the youngest son or daughter can make their vision a reality. What Dad’s heart wouldn’t melt?
  4. Memorable Experiences – Any Dad loves to kick it with their kids! Have a day out and about: Head to the playground or catch a game, enjoy a picnic in the park, take a trip to the theater, then snap a Dad #Selfie to remember the fun. Check out these Father’s Day events in Seattle for more ideas.
  5. Food Fun – For Dad’s who live to cook, go for a grill press, recipe kits, or a Chemex Starter Bundle. Then enjoy the rest of the day preparing an awesome meal together!
  6. Stepping Outside – If Dad’s always exploring and exercising, you can’t go wrong with a Lifeline Tactical Jungle Gym! Or grab an amazing array of camping/fishing/hunting gear from Cabela’s.

No matter what you decide to give or do for Dad, make sure you spend your day showing him how much you appreciate his support and guidance. Make it something to remember: Happy Father’s Day!


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