8 Genius Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

Clear out the clutter and tidy up your kitchen with tips from our friends at HomeAdvisor

The following is a guest post from Andrea Davis of HomeAdvisor

The kitchen is one of the most difficult places in the home to keep clean and organized. Between your dishes, utensils and cooking appliances, you have lots of oddly shaped and bulky items to store. If you find yourself overwhelmed by all the stuff in your kitchen, or maybe just need a more efficient way of storing and organizing, consider these genius ways to tidy up your kitchen.

#1 Group Similar Items Together

Grouping items together according to their use is a sensible way to organize your kitchen. Categorizing similar items makes it easier for you and your guests to find things quickly.

#2 Use Baskets to Store Commonly Used Items

Searching for commonly used kitchen items is frustrating. Rather than storing them in random cabinets, use a simple wicker basket to corral and hold popular items. It looks nicer than just stacking utensils on the counter and it’s more organized than stashing them in available cabinets.

#3 Install Slide-Out Pantry Drawers

There’s nothing worse than having to pull everything out of a drawer or cabinet to reach something you’re looking for. Rather than shuffling with all of that mess, install slide-out pantry drawers or cabinets. Now, when you need a spice or are looking for specific dry goods, you can slide the entire cabinet out.

#4 Use Open Shelving

There’s nothing wrong with showing off some of the items you own, like your formal dinnerware or antique teapots. The only challenge you’ll face is keeping it all straight and tidy on your shelves. Installing an open shelving solution will help you organize everyday kitchen items and bring an open, airy energy to your kitchen. As an added benefit, you won’t have to open drawers and doors to find the items you’re looking for.

#5 Explore Alternative Storage

Traditional kitchen storage is great, but sometimes alternatives are just as functional. Consider storing extra kitchen items in wooden crates, baskets and other containers. Do you have a movable kitchen island with space underneath? Use woven baskets to hold your plates and bowls below.

#6 Don’t Waste Space

If you’re struggling to find space to organize all of your cutlery, plates and other utensils, consider high-shelf storage. Remember to only store rarely used items, like your fine china or fondue pot, on high shelves.

#7 Cut Down When Necessary

The kitchen is one of the most popular places in the home to display knick-knacks. If your assortment of collectibles has outgrown your space, the easiest way to organize is to eliminate what you can’t put out on display. This cuts down on clutter and opens up the visuals of your kitchen.


These are just a few simple ways to improve the organization of your kitchen. Now you can enjoy less frustrating meal preparation and less overwhelming visuals.








Closet Organization Ideas that Are Borderline Genius

If your closet is a clutter, it could be that you just need some closet organization ideas. Closets, no matter the size, tend to be a catchall. But, fret not. Read this blog post to learn some tips to clean up those closets and get some structure.

If your closet is a clutter, it could be that you just need some closet organization ideas. Closets, no matter the size, tend to be a catchall. We often toss in our shoes and handbags, and hang up our garments without any consideration to organization. But, fret not. It’s easy to clean up those closets and establish some structure. Here’s how.

Invest in a Closet System

If you crave more closet space, you don’t have to put your DFW home through a full-scale remodel — just put a closet system in place. The idea with a closet system is to maximize the space your closet already provides. By using hanging bars, drawers, shelves, and cubby storage, you can properly organize your clothing and other items. This way, when you open your closet door to put something away or retrieve something, you’ll know exactly where to go. Check out Closets by Design in Dallas for some great ideas in closet systems.

Put a Pull-Down Bar in Place

This is a good closet organization idea when you want to keep clothes out of the way but still accessible when you need them. Many movable clothing rods are designed with telescoping pull rods to adjust to any closet size. Here’s a good example to learn more about how pull-down bars work in a closet.

Keep Your Shoes at a Slant

Many homeowners are satisfied if their shoes make it onto a storage rack instead of being tossed on the floor. But here’s a smart tip for you: By storing your shoes on slanted shelves, you can better see what you’re grabbing. No need to stand on tippy toes to see the top shelf — one quick glance and you’ll know whether you’re reaching for those strappy black sandals or sassy ankle boots. If you’re storing tall boots (because every Texan should have at least a couple pairs of cowboy boots), look for inserts that help boot shafts stay upright.

Get Creative

When it comes to closet organization, it pays to think outside the box. Want a clever way to keep your scarves from getting into a tangled mess? Grab a paper towel holder from the kitchen and roll your scarf around it. Searching for an orderly way to store your t-shirts? Keep them organized with stacking letter trays from your office. The trays keep the tees separated so when you need one, you won’t disrupt the whole stack.

If you’re tired of haphazardly cramming stuff in your closet, tap into the ideas above to restore some order to the closets in your home.


To-Dos: Your October Home Checklist

Clean up fallen leaves and branches and get your home ready for more time spent indoors.

houzz logo

Houzz Contributor, Laura Gaskill

The leaves are falling, the farmer’s markets are bustling and the cozy comforts of home beckon — it must be October. Make the most of this month’s bountiful harvest, get some exercise raking leaves in the brisk air and button down your house in preparation for winter. Then sit back, relax and warm your hands around a mug of hot apple cider. Fall is here.

Connor Homes - The Dorothea Harwell House

1. Rake leaves. To make quicker work of collecting leaves from a large lawn, rake the fallen foliage onto a large plastic tarp. Then bag it or add it to your compost pile.

2. Trim dead tree limbs. Dead limbs are more likely to fall during winter storms, making them a potential safety hazard. Have an arborist inspect and trim large trees.

3. If you haven’t already, clean gutters and downspouts. Wait until most of the leaves have fallen to schedule a rain gutter cleaning. Inspect gutters and downspouts for cracks and loose parts and make repairs as needed.

It’s Time to Clean Your Gutters — Here’s How

Leschi Remodel

4. Neaten up the mudroom. The back-to-school (and work) flurry can leave the mudroom looking as if a hurricane hit it. Take some time to regain sanity — sort through papers and put away stray summer items and extra coats. Clean the floors and invest in a new doormat if needed. Keep a recycling basket near the entrance to make sorting mail and school papers easier, and dedicate a tote or bin for items that need to be returned (like library books).

Mudrooms That Really Clean Up


5. Keep seasonal decorating low-key with natural finds. Pumpkins and gourds, fresh heirloom apples, quinces, pomegranates, figs and fall foliage all make wonderfully simple decor.

Bring in cut branches from your yard, stop by a pick-your-own farm or scoop up fall’s bounty at a farm stand.

Browse the Houzz fall decorating page

Stackyard House

6. Maintain your wood stove or fireplace. If you have a fireplace or wood stove, it’s essential for safety that you have it serviced before lighting the first fire of the season. If you haven’t done so already, schedule an appointment to have your chimney inspected and, if necessary, cleaned.

Farmhouse Yellow

7. Check safety devices. Test all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in the house and replace batteries as needed. Check the expiration date on the kitchen fire extinguisher and replace it if needed.

2015 Kosair Children

8. Start a gift list. It may seem like the holidays are a long way off — but that’s why it pays to start getting organized now. Start a list of everyone you plan to give gifts to this year. Then, as ideas strike, jot them down on your list. You can also use your list to keep track of a holiday gifting budget. And if you want to make any gifts by hand, October is a great time to get started — handmade gifts always seem to take longer to make than expected.

Alderwood Landscape

9. Cover or store outdoor furniture and grills. If you plan to leave your patio furniture or grill outside through the fall and winter, cover them well and stow them beneath an overhang that will protect them from rain and snow. Even if you live in a mild climate, covering your grill between uses is a good idea to protect the finish.

Cherry Street Residence

10. Shut off exterior faucets and store hoses for winter. Disconnect, drain and roll hoses before storing them for the winter. Shut off the water supply to exterior faucets to prevent frozen pipes.

leslie sells houses


5 Fantastic Kitchen Staging Ideas for Fall

Wow fall homebuyers with these easy staging ideas from HomeAdvisor

Guest Post by Andrea Davis

Selling your home in the fall means adding small seasonal elements to make your home feel warm and welcoming. And, what better place to do that than in the kitchen? Here are some ideas to help you make your kitchen — and your home — appeal to fall homebuyers:

Fall counter decor

You should always keep the countertops nearly clear when potential homebuyers are walking through. In fact, you should keep it down to about two to three essentials if you’re living there from day to day. For the fall season, you can add small elements like placemats, fruit and leaf decor (window drapings, vase, etc.).

“Fall odors”

The smell of leaves, apple pie, pumpkin and cinnamon evoke the cozy feelings of fall. Candles are nice and actually baking something “fall-like” before a showing is a sure way to make potential buyers feel more at home during a showing.

Colors of fall

Depending on the current condition of your home, you might consider a fresh coat of paint. What color you decide to use may or may not be influenced by the season. While you should always lean towards neutral colors, you might consider accent walls or cabinets in browns or dark tones of red or green if you think they would work. The cost to paint an interior room is about $380, though prices will vary depending on the size of the room.

Bringing nature in

If there are windows in the kitchen, make sure to keep them clean. Depending on the weather outside during a showing, you might open them and let the fresh air in. It helps to create a flow between nature outside and the atmosphere you’re trying to create in the kitchen. If your budget allows, you might also accent the windows with fall-like window treatments to create an even easier flow. If you don’t have these treatments, a professional home stager can sometimes find them for a reasonable price.

Natural lighting elements

Lighting is an essential element of home staging, no matter the season. In fall, in particular, it’s all about enhancing the twilight or sunset and complementing of all the fall colors. For lighting in your kitchen, consider accent and track lighting. Or, you could install recessed lighting on a dimmer switch, which will allow you to control the brightness of the kitchen to complement the mood outside.

Andrea Davis is the editor at HomeAdvisor, which connects homeowners with home improvement professionals in their area for free. Connect with Andrea on Google+

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A New Twist on Halloween Decorating

Switch up your Halloween scenery this year. Don’t buy new decorations for every holiday — turn your Christmas lights into spooky Halloween decor.

Guest post by By Merri Cvetan

Switch up your Halloween scenery this year. Rather than buy new decorations for every holiday, get creative with Christmas lights. Dig out your tree lights — or shop for new, updated options — and turn them into spooky Halloween decor. The best part? Reusing lights for two different holidays frees up more storage space for you. You won’t need to double up on Halloween and Christmas decor, so you can store twice as much and save money in the process.

Using your Christmas lights and a few household items, you can create unique Halloween decorations that easily transition into the winter season after October has passed. Here are three ways to get started.

1. Family Friendly Halloween Garland

This not-so-scary paper garland will delight even the youngest members of the family. It uses battery-powered lights, so you can hang it anywhere — from the mantle to a display shelf to the front window.

Start with a string of battery-powered LED lights with spherical bulbs.

Cut small holes in the middle of Halloween-themed paper cupcake liners. Use one cupcake liner for every bulb on your string of lights. If you end up with leftover liners, surprise the kids with special Halloween cupcakes!

Push each bulb through the hole in the liner and hold it in place with a bit of transparent tape.

Twist orange-and-black tinsel over the cord until it’s completely covered. Pair with additional Halloween decorations for a “boo-tiful” display. When Christmas comes around, remove the liners and swap the orange-and-black tinsel for green.

2. Spook-tacular Table

Mini icicle lights look great hanging from your eaves each December, but you can also use them to create a glowing ghost for your home in October. All you need is a small table and a white tablecloth or sheet.

Carefully staple a string of icicle lights to the underside of a small, round particleboard table.

Wrap the remaining length of lights around the table legs.

Drape a semisheer tablecloth or sheet over the table and glue on felt eyes and a mouth. Make your ghost scary or friendly — whatever suits your Halloween decorating style. This table is also great for holding holiday snacks and punch at your next Christmas get-together. Simply swap the ghost tablecloth for one with a snowflake or Christmas-themed pattern to make it party-ready.

3. Scaring Up Some Fun

Mini Christmas lights are available in a rainbow of colors. Purple is both a unique option for Christmas and the perfect way to create a creepy atmosphere for Halloween. Surprise trick-or-treaters when they approach your front door with a scary skeleton adorned in purple lights.

Create a place of honor for the skeleton with an old chair draped in black cheesecloth or fake spider webbing.

“Dress” the bones with a string of purple lights, tinsel garland, chains, and skulls.

Beware to those who dare ring the doorbell when the sun goes down! When Halloween is over, keep your purple lights out. Use them to frame your front windows, or string them along your porch at Christmastime. Your house will stand out in a sea of white lights.

Get creative with your Christmas lights and use them to decorate your home for Halloween. You’ll make the transition into the Christmas season that much easier.

Merri Cvetan is an interior designer who loves to create crafts and DIY projects. She writes about her designs for The Home Depot. Merri provides budget-friendly tips on decorating your home for the holidays, such as using string lights for Halloween. Click here for more info on the Christmas lights that Merri used in this article.





Selling Your Home 101

When it comes to selling your home, it is always a good idea to have a home inspection first before you put your home on the market.  Here’s why:C-1 Photo

  • When was the last time you went into your attic? Poor ventilation in your attic can lead to mold issues.
  • What about your crawlspace? Dry-rot can lead to big issues if not replaced.
  • Check to make sure your hot water heater has the required earthquake straps.
  • Curb appeal is a MUST to get potential buyers interested in your home. Investing in curb appeal is one of the most important things you can start with. Make your house stand out from all the rest!
  • Cleaning your gutters is one of the items an appraiser will call for to have done.
  • Has your roof been cleaned recently? There should not be any moss growing there.

“It is always a good idea to have your furnace cleaned and serviced,” noted Leslie Swindahl of Hawkins Poe Inc

If you find any of these issues, you will want to get them fixed as soon as possible. Once you have addressed health and safety issues, it’s time for a Hawkins Poe  REALTOR® to come and look at your home inside and out. Our REALTORS® will always put my expertise on your side.

When it comes to selling your home for the first time, this is when a Hawkins Poe Inc® is your best choice to help you through the process. When you work with Hawkins Poe Inc , you can expect friendly, professional service that includes in-depth knowledge of the area and the current market conditions, outstanding communication skills along with the ability to aggressively market, manage and negotiate for you!

Leslie Photo 2017Leslie Swindahl, REALTOR®
253-312-0447 (cell)
or check out her blog : http://lesliesellshouses.com/


Fall Yard Care Tips to Do Now

Fall has finally arrived! As you settle into autumn, and the weather begins to cool, it’s important not to neglect your yard. Keep your DFW backyard looking its best year round with our easy fall yard care tips.

Fall has finally arrived! As you settle into autumn, and the weather begins to cool, it’s important not to neglect your yard.

Keep your DFW backyard looking its best year round with our easy fall yard care tips.

Take Care of Your Lawn

Lawns can take quite a beating over the course of a hot DFW summer, so managing your lawn is an important part of fall yard care.

As the weather cools, lawn growth will slow. Make sure to continue mowing your lawn (adjust the mower blade as needed) until it becomes dormant. If any pesky weeds sprung up, get rid of them now or risk having them take over your yard by spring.

It’s also time to overseed with rye grass for a green lawn during winter and to fertilize for a healthier lawn come spring.

Did summer heat and lots of backyard activity compact your yard’s soil? Make it a point to aerate your lawn. Doing so will encourage healthy root systems, plus aerating allows water to penetrate deeper, helping to avoid runoff.

Fall Yard Care Tips: Take Care of Your Lawn

Adjust Your Watering

As temperatures dip, plants and grass need less water. Reduce manual watering and make sure to keep an eye on automatic systems, adjusting them as needed.

Fall is also an excellent time to start practicing water conservation techniques. Set up a rain bucket, if you don’t already have one. When you mow the lawn, don’t bag the clippings. Leave them on your grass to conserve water and naturally fertilize your lawn. And make sure you continue to follow the twice-weekly watering schedules for Washington,University Place, or your community.

Beautify with New Tress, Shrubs, and Annuals

Fall is the perfect time to whip your yard into ship shape!

Keep your yard looking beautiful by removing wilted summer annuals and replacing them with cool-weather varieties (make sure to fertilize the soil first). You’ll also want to stop fertilizing perennials. This will allow them to rest during winter and be healthier come spring. Replenish mulch around trees and flower beds, as well.

Planning to add trees or shrubs? Fall is a great time to do it. Cooler temperatures and occasional rainfall will help to encourage root growth before it gets too cold. Choose native plants for best results. If you need help deciding what to plant, consult the Earth-Kind Plant Selector.

Fall Yard Care Tips: Beautify with New Trees, Shrubs, and Annuals

Clean Up Debris

Of course, a big part of fall yard care is cleaning up debris, including dead plants or leaves.

Did you know that yard trimmings make up 20 percent of the waste generated by Texans each year? Thankfully, it’s easy to reduce your waste with a few easy tips.

First, there’s no need to remove a few straggling leaves from your lawn. Just mow right over them, and they’ll help to fertilize your lawn.

For yards with more trees, consider starting a compost pile. Compost can be used as mulch, and using it in your yard helps save on your water bills, reduces the need to fertilize (which is better for the environment), and saves you time (no bagging leaves). Simply add your yard waste to a compost pile instead of throwing it out.

You don’t need a lot of space to begin a compost pile. Check out this Compost Mulching Guild


Beyond Granite: 7 Other Countertop Options for Your Remodel

Image result for Pictures of latest countertops

Sep 28, 2017

Home Life, Home Maintenance


For years, granite has been king of countertops. Homeowners pass huge slabs of gorgeous stone in hardware stores, enticed to spend big bucks on their remodel. Buyers shopping for a new home marvel at stone countertops in a freshly-updated kitchen. Granite is lustrous, durable and each piece is unique. It’s also a pricey update. So, what do you do if you want to make a statement in your kitchen without breaking the bank?

Good news! Granite isn’t the only option, and some materials are even more interesting, contemporary, unique, and in some cases, more affordable.

First, a little about granite. It’s highly sought after for its natural variation in colors and patterns: no two pieces are alike. It’s resistant to heat, and with daily cleaning (soap/water) and annual resealing, it’ll stay clean and shiny and beautiful for years. That said, here are other options to consider…

  1. Quartz. My personal favorite. Comparable to the cost of granite, but very different, and everyone has a big opinion about which is better. Quartz is natural stone combined with 5% polymer resins, so it’s harder than granite. It’s even more durable and easier to keep clean (hurray for less bacteria)! You also don’t need to reseal quartz, ever. Unlike granite, it can be damaged by high heat, so watch those pots and pans.
  2. Wood. It’s not just for cutting boards! Wood counters create a warm and rustic feel, and you can choose from various options like cherry, mahogany, madrone and bamboo. Extremely sanitary and highly heat-resistant, a properly sealed wood countertop is an attractive alternative that’s likely less expensive than granite.
  3. Stainless Steel. Because it’s cool to match your appliances. This look is clean, industrial, contemporary and very “chef’s kitchen”. Bacteria buildup is inhibited, so this may be the most hygienic option. It’s also easy to coordinate any colors or patterns with steel counters, but you may spend a bit more to achieve this look.
  4. Marble. Timeless and luxurious. It offers variation in patterns like granite, but it’s porous, and can lose its shine and quality over the years. Though it requires more maintenance and may cost even more than granite, proper sealing and cleaning help ensure a fabulous counter for the ages.
  5. Concrete. Striking and modern. Did you know you can choose any stain and texture? You can go shiny or matte. The sleek look steals the show in just about any kitchen. Newer designs are lighter with integrated polymers, preventing cracks and stains. They require sealant and can develop nonstructural hairline cracks over time, but some love the additional character. Prepare to spend more for this option.
  6. Tile. Retro makes a comeback. Subway tile is a huge trend in backsplash design, and it’s crept onto the countertop once again. Ceramic tile was popular in the late 70s and early 80s, though today’s designs are a little sleeker and more subtle. White is a very common choice, or you can create patterns with different colors for a bold statement. You’ll spend a lot less on a tile countertop, but cracking may occur, and cleaning the grout is a challenge.
  7. Laminate. Not long ago, laminate was a bad word in design. But modern designs mimic natural wood and stone, and cost much less. The sky’s the limit for design options, and they’re easy to clean. But laminate is prone to damage from both heat and scratches.

Weigh your options, and find your one countertop to rule them all. Whether you’re doing home improvements to enjoy your place for years to come, or you want to increase the value of your property before it hits the market, a fresh and beautiful countertop is a valuable investment.


Everything Fall for Your Home You will Love


More reasons to fall in love with fall at home, check out my favorite things for this fabulous season.


Fall at home is all about cozy nights around the dinner table, afternoons of playing in the fallen leaves, and mornings taking in the crisp autumn air. If you’re looking for more reasons to fall in love with fall at home, check out this round-up of my favorite  things for this fabulous season.

Did you know there was a right way to rake leaves? Now you do.

The Right Way To Rake Leaves


Thinking about listing your home in October? Why the Fall Selling Season is Better than You Think

Thinking about Listing Your Home in Fall

fall House landscape 2017


How to Turn Autumn Leaves into Home Decor

How to Turn Autum Leaves into House Decorations

Related image

Heating bills. Halloween candy. Fallen leaves!  25 Thoughts Homeowners Have During Fall

25 Thoughts Home Owners Have During Fall

We could go on forever, but here are 7 Reasons to be Happy it’s Fall.

1. The cutest clothes are worn in the fall: flannels, scarves, big sweaters, boots and leggings. There is so much more room for creativity in your outfits in the fall, and you have so many more options!

2. Its OK to be a bum: you can put on your biggest sweatshirt and leggings and be nice and cozy, and its fine. Everyone does it and you still look cute!

3. Pumpkin Spice and everything nice: it’s the season to be basic. From Pumpkin Spice Lattes to hot chocolate and everything in between its the season for yummy warm drinks on your way to class and nuzzled up in a blanket by the fire at home.

4. Pumpkin patches, apple picking and bonfires: going to do fun things like pick out a pumpkin and carve it with friends or going on an apple picking date or a night time bonfire with friends, fall is the best time to get together with your friends and do something outside!

5. It’s cuffing season: it’s the time of year where everyone needs a cuddle buddy and someone to exchange Christmas gifts with. Chilly air and the holiday spirit usually calls for a companion. Click for some fun fall date ideas!

6. Here come the holidays: for college students in particular, this is the best time of year. We get to go home and be around friends and family we haven’t seen in months and most importantly — EAT REAL FOOD. The holidays are always something to look forward to this time of year.

7. Everything is more beautiful: the leaves are changing, decorations are going up and the scenery is at its best. Take a minute to enjoy the beautiful things of fall- after all it only comes once a year!

Take advantage of these things this fall! Hold your loved ones a little tighter, rent cheesy holiday movies, get some hot apple cider, wrap up in a blanket and enjoy this beautiful season. Happy fall everyone!

How to Use your Senses to Transition your Home from Summer to Fall.

Allow sight, sound, touch, taste and smell to be your guide with decorating your home for Fall.

Fall at home is comfort, warmth and serenity under one roof. From the smells of cinnamon to the coziness of curling up under a soft throw blanket there is no better season to enjoy your little slice of heaven that you call home sweet home. Here are some easy ways to transition your home from summer to fall by using your 5 senses as your guide.

The scent of fall is perhaps the most intoxicating of all the seasons. It is Earthy and comforting and can a part of your home with a little help from scented candles, stove top simmers and homemade potpourri.

Here are a few of our favorite smells this fall:

Fall Candles | Bath & Body Works

If you are looking for the perfect candle at a reasonable price, Bath & Body Works has the ultimate. Their 3 wick candles are priced at $22.50 and fill the room with the perfect scents for fall.


Pumpkin Spice Stove Top Simmer | Free People Blog

“Bursting with the sweet and spicy scents , this recipe will make your home feel like fall in an instant”

Homemade Potpourri | Bustle

“Dried fruit, spices, and the right dried flowers can make for an ideal grouping of wonderful fall smells.”


Fall is the epitome of comfort from the clothes we wear (welcome back leggings and boots!) to snuggling up with a warm blanket. At home,  choosing the right decor can bring the “touch” of fall in with textures and materials that include faux fur, wool and knit.

Faux Fur Blanket | Restoration Hardware

Indulge in the feel of fur by faking it with this $99 throw from RH.

Striped Wool Blanket | Coyuchi

Add a PSL from Starbucks and you have a match made in heaven.

Cable Knit Throw | Pottery Barn

Cozy Chic

Cover up your grill and say goodbye to all your backyard garden fruits and veggies. It’s time to prepare for a fall feast. The staples for this season include any and everything pumpkin, crisp apples (you know you went a little overboard at the orchard!) and hearty meals. Here are a few of favorite fall recipes that will leave your kitchen smelling delicious and your tummy feeling full:

Creamy Pumpkin Soup | Living The LLife

A perfect appetizer for a fall soiree or all by itself with a warm piece of bread.

Mini Apple Pies | Food.com

This recipe is as easy as pie!


Crocktober Ideas | Jennfab1130

500+ delicious slow cooker recipes.


Summer and fall decor are polar opposites. Summer means light linens and bright colors and where fall is filled with plaids, cooler colors and bulkier throws and comforters. Here are a few fall decor looks.

A Stunning Contemporary | Aspen, CO

Seamless indoor outdoor living that allows you to soak up all that fall has to offer from a crisp cool breeze to the warmth of a flickering fire.

Simple Touches | Holladay, UT

A few colorful pumpkins add a cool fall look to this comfy living room.

Serenity in Seattle | Seattle, WA

Can you imagine enjoying the last few moments warm nights in style here?

Chic in Chicago | Chicago, IL

Don’t forget a nice big closet to house all your bulky jackets and sweaters!


The sounds of fall are different for everyone. The symphony of summer crickets starts to fade away only to be replaced by the howls of the fall breeze hitting the trees outside our windows or the sounds of leaves crunching as children jump into piles. Or perhaps it is the sounds of laughter from trick or treaters running around your neighborhood on Halloween. For me, it is the sound of family. During the summer we spend less time at home because of the beautiful weather but as the days get shorter and it becomes dark earlier we have a tendency to return to being homebodies. Some of our favorite fall sounds at home include the crackle of a fire and the clinking of wine glasses around the dining room table. Whatever your favorite sound may be we wish you a very happy fall from our home to yours.

fall-fireplace-mantel-autumn-mantel 2017



Trend Alert: 8 Colors to Try This Season

Fall is here! Make holiday house guests and potential buyers feel at-home with the comfy, cozy and even cheerful shades of the season.

Guest post by  Michelle Lee, Houzz

Now that October is here and it’s officially fall, breezy colors and summery decor will start to feel out of place. Make holiday houseguests and potential buyers feel at-home with the comfy, cozy and even cheerful shades of the season. Follow along as we uncover eight trendy colors that will last through the new year.

1. Pumpkin Spice

As everyone is lining up for their long-awaited pumpkin spice lattes, the hue also has a well-earned spot in home decor. It’s bold, exudes warmth and resembles the always festive holiday, Halloween. This color works well when painted on one wall, as shown above, or through accessories like rugs, pillows, and throws if you’re color shy. It pairs well with neutral colors and monochromatic palettes as it takes the spotlight in all of its seasonal glory.

2. Autumn Red

If you don’t use autumn red in autumn, when will you use it? Although it’s a dramatic shade, it can infuse any room with a fiery and fun vibe. It adds intense energy to contemporary and modern rooms while being a happy addition to any playful, eclectic space. Use it intentionally and sparingly in a room to enhance its overall effect.


3. Emerald Green

There’s so much to love about this deep shade of green. Unlike the previous colors that are more playful, emerald draws from its roots in Mother Nature to create a sense of calm in any space. Serving as the focus in this kitchen, emerald green cabinetry marries perfectly with blond wood tones and light countertops. Wouldn’t you like to spend all holiday season here?

4. Navy Blue

Even darker and more daring than emerald green, navy is a close cousin to black. If you’re not psyched about displaying the iconic holiday colors in your home, but still want to stay on the dark side of the spectrum, this shade of blue is perfect for you. Honoring its origin from the British Royal Navy, this color embodies ultimate elegance, sophistication and power. Bringing navy into your home this season can have surprisingly health benefits too. It’s been shown to have a calming effect on the human body by slowing heart rate and metabolism.

5. Wine

Often an overlooked shade of purple, wine would make a lovely addition to any home this fall. Following suit with the deep tones discussed above, it has the strongest effect when used sparsely, as seen in this Chicago bedroom. Purple has historically been a color of royalty and power. Its wine pigment is no different, conveying richness and seduction in every capacity.

6. Steel Gray

Gray is one of the most versatile hues on the spectrum and can easily be used all year-round. Having said that, it’s often hard to choose the right gray for the season. Light gray can be seen as a winter wonderland while charcoal can be hard to distinguish from black. Steel gray is a solid middle ground. It’s the star of the show in this contemporary London kitchen with its sharp, clean and defined lines.

7. Mustard Yellow

A hue that echoes the falling leaves soon to come, mustard yellow provides warmth and joy to any space. It plays well with other bold colors, like the bright blue sofa and TV stand in this eclectic living room. For year-round summer lovers, this color can also serve as a happy reminder of the sunny days and will brighten up any interior.

8. Brown to Beige

Brown is a classic fall color, but too much of it can make a home feel more like a cave. Instead, use brown as an accent color and brighten it up with a lovely beige tone. Add in some white decor for a gorgeous layered look, like you see in this Denver bedroom.

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